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2012 was a big year for the Children’s Dance Theatre and Tanner Dance at large. Through a lead gift from Beverley Sorenson, construction began on a state of the art facility that would be the future home of Tanner Dance. While this was the realization of a long held dream, it was bittersweet, in that it also meant saying goodbye to the beloved studio. This was the same studio that Virginia Tanner moved the program to back in 1963. The studio where countless children experienced the joy of dance, learned to point their toes, and perhaps most important, to use their magic eye.


Ostracized from her community for a childhood act, Gertrude returns in adulthood leaving many to question her motives and Hansel & Gretel to discover them. As a young girl Gertrude is vying for the attention of Henry when his cousin’s taunts prompt a deadly response and she is forced to flee the community. Years later when Henry’s son Hansel steps in a trap he is rescued by Gertrude. The family is grateful and kindly accepts Gertrude into their home, but young Gretel remains suspicious. Gradually, Gertrude’s motives become apparent as she poisons Henry’s wife, moves in with the family and bewitches Henry into leaving his children in the forest. Hansel and Gretel are forced to confront Gertrude to reclaim their life with their father.

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